Green Recycling

10 reasons why you should recycle

You should consider recycling or continue to recycle for several reasons. Below are 10 reasons why you should recycle. Recycling:

  1. Saves energy. Less energy is used in manufacturing products from recycled materials than from raw materials.
  2. Lowers the costs of manufacturing goods. Lower product prices result from savings in energy that arise from recycling.
  3. Preserves natural resources (trees, wildlife, water). Less natural resources are used for manufacturing reducing the strain on existing natural resources. This promotes biodiversity and protects wildlife.
  4. Promotes economic development and creates jobs. Jobs are created in garbage collection, waste segregation and landfill management.
  5. Reduces the harsh effects of climate change. Carbon dioxide emissions produced in the manufacturing processes are reduced by using non-virgin materials.
  6. Reduces water pollution. Water pollution resulting from most recycling processes is less than water pollution resulting from manufacturing from virgin materials. This has been found to be true for the paper manufacturing industry.
  7. Reduces air pollution. Incinerators for municipal waste release pollutants into the atmosphere. Reducing the amount of waste that needs to be incinerated reduces air pollution.
  8. Reduces the amounts of heavy toxic materials in landfills. E-waste and batteries for example often containing elements such as mercury, lead and mercury which pose a threat to human health when leached into ground water.
  9. Reduces dependency on oil. Feedstocks derived from refining of crude oil are used to make plastics. Recycling more plastic will reduce dependency on oil.
  10. Preserves landfill space. Less of the recyclable materials report to landfills.

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