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5 reasons why people don’t recycle

People don’t recycle for various reasons. The following are some of the 5 reasons commonly cited:

  1. Inaccessibility of recycling facilities. This has been referred to most frequently as the reason why people don’t recycle. Geolocation services attempt to solve this problem by linking users to nearest recycling centres hence reducing their travel time and going through several searches looking for a suitable recycling centre. These initiatives in conjunction with recycling facilities, can be used to establish more convenient drop off places for the users’ convenience.
  2. It’s too time consuming/not sure what’s recyclable and not recyclable. The process of segregating waste has been deemed time consuming as well as cleaning materials before they can be recycled.
  3. Recycling is too costly, no payment for recycling. In as much as some facilities offer incentives for recycling, payments for the practice are not always guaranteed which is why some people do not recycle.
  4. Lack of space. Some people claim they do not have the space in their homes for recycling bins to segregate materials.
  5. It’s too hard/not worth the effort/does not make a difference. There is a belief that recycling does not make a difference due to contradicting information on overfilling of landfills, climate change or depletion of natural resources.


The moral of the story is you can find a million reasons for not doing something, starting on the other hand does makes a difference collectively. Also check out 10 reasons why you should recycle. 

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