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9 free recycling apps and games for mobile devices

There are a number of free recycling apps and games that you and your kids can enjoy. Games are a fun way of learning more about recycling and teaching young ones about the importance of recycling and how to recycle. Games offered on both iOS and Android platforms range from sorting out trash to cleaning up spaces in a limited amount of time. Some of the free apps listed here however offer in-app purchases. Feel free to comment below on any other fun recycling games that you have played!

ReRecyclingMoocycling Moo! Lite  (iOS) by good luck, have fun, LLC 

Recycling Moo! Lite allows you to  save the world from garbage by eating anything to make electricity.


EduEdukidscational Kids Recycling (Android) by Nikos Kouremenos  

Educational Kids Recycling helps you learn to properly recycle and separate recyclable items.



Trash Chaos (iOS) by Yogome, Inc 

Trash Chaos is an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment.


tossRecycling toss (Android) by Aidem Systems Inc 

Recycling toss allows you to kill time by classifying gabbage and to tossing it in different recycle bins.



Garbage Trucker Recycling Simulator (iOS) by Tapinator, Inc. 

Garbage Trucker Recycling Simulator allows you to clean up the city by collecting trash and dropping it at recycling plants across the city.


RRRecycle Rangers (iOS and Android) by Digicrafts

Recycle Rangers makes you save the world by recycling all the items in time.


I Recycle (Android) by High Touch      irecycle

I Recycle allows you to recycle different materials in six different environments, each level has its recycled items waiting to be discovered.


Rrecy timeecycle time (Android) by Snakehead Games Inc

Recycle time makes you sort trash by flicking left or right and as the tempo builds, you will need to think faster.


Rraceace to recycle (iOS) by Country of Orange 

Race to recycle tests your recycling skills as materials roll down the conveyor belt; learn to sort through landfill waste, recyclable materials and green waste.


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