About Us

Tawila is a free online platform that promotes recycling of materials in South Africa.  South Africa has a waste recycling rate of 10% according to a waste information baseline report by the Department of Environmental Affairs (2012). The average person in South Africa generates 0.7 kg of waste per day. The recycling rates for other African countries are not readily available due to various challenges in obtaining the information. There are several benefits that come from recycling. Recycling saves energy and keeps production costs down. It also reduces landfills and preserves resources. The practice is good for the economy and creates jobs. Recycling also reduces the harsh effects of climate change in a resource limited world.

The country’s population is expected to increase by 10.2% to 60 million people by 2030.  An increase in population translates to an increase in waste production. Africa is expected to have the largest population growth rate in the world in the future due to improvements in livelihoods. There is a need to implement sustainable waste management system and to conserve energy since global energy demand is also on the rise. Tawila seeks to enhance recycling culture among South Africans as part of the roadmap to a more environmentally sustainable world. 

Vision: To promote recycling, reduce and reuse culture and to promote environmental sustainability.